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Gift Packaging

Festive gift wrapping, packing and decorating is easy with Packhelp’s beautiful gift packaging range of magnetic boxes, custom bags, personalised ribbon, and anything else you wish for.

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Avoid waste by ordering the exact amount of gift packaging you need


Enjoy a simple custom design process + free file check and packaging advice


Stay on your packaging schedule thanks to shorter lead times

What our customers say

“Packhelp has supported our growth with bespoke packaging solutions and exceptional customer service. Highly recommended.”

“Before we found Packhelp, our first experiences with packaging producers were rather unsatisfying. Initially we considered buying customized packaging with a die-line, however the costs were too big for the company launch. It would really negatively affect our development in other areas of the business.”

“We really appreciate Packhelp’s complete solution. Fast handling with clear time lines along with flexibility in customization and wide range of products allows us to expand our range of packaging, for both standard and special product.”

“Labre’s Hope experience of Packhelp was great, the team is always on hand to respond to queries very quickly and their service is so positive and friendly. Their two-piece product boxes are also incredible!”

“We only like to partner with brands that share our sustainability values. This is why we decided to only offer iPhones, and partnered with Pela for phone cases. That’s also one of the main reasons why we chose Packhelp to design our packaging; we share lots of the same values.”

Designing Christmas gift packaging: John Masters Organics

All major events require festive packaging, but Christmas is the undisputed king of gifting aesthetics. Learn about John Masters Organics’ approach to creating stunning gift packaging for special occasions.

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Packaging services

There’s more we can help you with than just packaging supply. See what other services we provide to keep your costs low and your packaging quality high.

Guide to Christmas packaging

The lead-up to the holiday period can be chaotic. With all the marketing that has to be done, it’s best to start early. Packaging design is the most fun part – but don’t leave it for the last minute! Read our guide now and learn how to create inspired Christmas packaging.

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