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Our Progress Reports

We’re committed to making packaging better, but there’s always work to do (and ways to improve). Check out our latest report to see where we are – and where we’re headed.

Where it began

When we started Packhelp in 2015, we thought that simply using recyclable cardboard was enough. Turns out, it wasn’t.

After developing a better understanding of how much impact our industry has on the environment, we took a pledge to improve. 

Our mission is to empower brands to be better at packaging, which starts first and foremost with packaging that?s more sustainable.

Our responsibility

In order for us to to continue improving for our customers, employees and the environment, we focused our work around three main pillars of responsibility:



We’re creating an inclusive workplace that encourages personal and professional growth for all the dedicated and passionate people at Packhelp.



We’re implementing circular and low-carbon products and services, reducing landfill waste, and investing in responsible forestry.



We’re increasing the revenue from sustainable products and services, and ensuring responsible actions throughout the entire supply chain.

Quarterly progress updates

Each quarter we look back over our learnings, highlight the areas we can improve upon, and present quantifiable goals for the quarter ahead. Then we share it all with you.
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