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Capitalise on packaging and turn costs into revenue. 

Discover a full-service packaging platform for marketplaces. We will build your packaging offering, launch an online shop so you can sell it to merchants and handle all the logistics for you afterwards.


Whether you already handle packaging, or not we’re here to boost your business.

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Already managing packaging operations? We can make it more efficient and give your business an additional revenue stream.

New to packaging? We?ll set you up for success with a fully-integrated solution that gives you full control while saving on shipping.

Discover our solutions

Take advantage of our tech and experience as we create a bespoke product for your business.

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Packaging efficiency analysis

Our packaging experts will analyse your product SKUs to find an optimised packaging offer for your shipping needs. To date, we’ve reduced the packaging cost for 80% of our customers.

Customisable packaging store

Offer customisable and stock packaging through a network of over 200 vetted suppliers from EU – all available through a fully-integrated customisable store for your business and merchants.

Warehousing and logistics support

Rely on our global fulfillment network to manage inventory and ensure you’re never out of stock. Give your merchants the flexibility to track packaging operations in one place, schedule dispatches as needed, and enjoy dedicated customer support.

Learn about the benefits Packhelp can bring to your business:

Reduce shipment damage and lower costs

Use packaging custom-built for your business to ensure successful deliveries.

Control the end user experience

Unify packaging used by merchants for a consistent unboxing experience.

Generate a new revenue stream

Earn on packaging you’re selling – some of our partners generate €10M extra yearly.

Improve your merchant experience

Give your merchants value added service increasing their satisfaction and loyalty.

Get your store up and running in 14 days

Zero cost implementation, and no tech team needed on your side. Here’s how we can implement packaging shop into your marketplace ecosystem.

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Building packaging offering

We recommend stock and customisable packaging solutions tailored to your needs and product SKUs that will lower your shipping and air commerce expenses.

Integrating with your ecosystem

Using our plug and play technology, our tech team builds a branded store in a matter of days, using API integration to seamlessly merge with your existing e-commerce engine, if needed.

Running promotional campaign

From newsletters, explainer videos and additional promo materials, we cover everything needed for a campaign that showcases your new marketplace feature and gets merchants excited.

Launching and operating your store

Once your packaging store has launched and your merchants are onboarded, we take over operations, including customer support, packaging logistics and warehousing.

What our customers say

“We needed flexibility to redirect packaging to various sites across Europe and UK. Packhelps warehousing service enabled us to order at a larger scale with straightforward storage. ”

“We only like to partner with brands that share our sustainability values. This is why we decided to only offer iPhones, and partnered with Pela for phone cases. That’s also one of the main reasons why we chose Packhelp to design our packaging; we share lots of the same values.”

“We decided to partner with Packhelp as they can provide our partners with holistic approach towards packaging. We also believe that their reusable packaging portfolio can have a tremendous impact on the circular economy.”

“Packhelp has helped us a lot by allowing us to create personalised designs, without the hassle of back and forth. With packaging and logistics, it was also important for us to find long term partners, rather than short term band-aids or solutions.”

“We decided to partner with Packhelp thanks to the fast and flexible solution to our branded boxes for shipping our products. There is a lot of transparency and communication at all times.”

“We decided to purchase a large amount of packaging from Packhelp. However, as our office space is limited, we decided to receive half now and the rest in Packhelp affordable warehousing option and receive our packaging in a matter of days as soon as we need it. ”

“Before we found Packhelp, our first experiences with packaging producers were rather unsatisfying. Initially we considered buying customized packaging with a die-line, however the costs were too big for the company launch. It would really negatively affect our development in other areas of the business.”

Start earning with packaging

With tech solutions tailored just for your business, it’s simple to start earning revenue with an integrated packaging store of your own. Get started today.

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